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#KnockKnockCats Before You Drive

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Everybody #KnockKnockCats!(as of 1/26/2024)

Thank you very much to everyone who supported
#KnockKnockCats Project! The movement has now
become a huge phenomenon. This couldn't be done
without your help.

Let us share some of photos, illustrations
and other initiatives done by people across Japan.

You can save a cat's life just by knocking on a car hood before driving.

In the cold of winter, some cats try to warm themselves
by hiding under car hoods. However, this may lead to a tragic outcome
if you start a car without checking. “Knock Knock Cats” is a technique
to avoid such tragedies.

Nissan supports a society where everyone, including cats, is safer.

Start Knock Knock Cats!

Knock on the hood during winter.
It's just a little bit of caution before starting your car
in the winter season that can save the lives of cats.

Share #KnockKnockCats

To let other cat lovers know about this initiative,
please share #KnockKnockCats through SNS.
The more people know, the more cats will be saved.

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Spreading the logo will help to support this great cause.
Please download the logo from below.


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