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The toughest-ever delivery crew will break the conventions of pizza delivery,
making the impossible possible.

HAJIME IMOTO / Delivery Style: MTB Down Hill / Delivery Area: Mountain



“As long as a bike can fit through, it's a shortcut.”

The wonder boy who won the title of “The World's Toughest Delivery Staff.”Based in Japan, Imoto is a professional MTB Down Hill racer with international accomplishments. Rough mountain trails, where cars can't even enter, is just a regular delivery route for him. By skillfully controlling the suspension, Imoto delivers pizzas with both speed and stability.

SHINICHI ITO / Delivery Style: Wing Suit Flying / Delivery Area: Sky



“Traffic? No thanks.”

The fastest delivery guy on the team. With the pizza stored in a special delivery container, Ito jumps from an altitude of 12,000 feet, taking the straightest route that leads directly to the customer. Since his first flight in 1988, Ito has made over 2,000 wingsuit flights, holding numerous Guinness World Records. However, his availability depends heavily on weather conditions.

TEAM TEIKEI / Delivery Style: Rafting / Delivery Area: River



“Rapid streams fuel our engine.”

Our most physical delivery guys in charge of all aquatic areas. This world-famous rafting team won the 2010 and 2011 world rafting championship held in Holland and Costa Rica, respectively. Protecting the pizza with a waterproof case, they navigate through all bodies of water. They can also deliver upstream, though it may take extra time.

SHOTA TEZUKA / Delivery Style: Wake Board / Delivery Area: Lake



“I don't need a motorbike, I'll ride the wave.”

A wakeboarding prodigy holding and breaking numerous records. Tezuka began wakeboarding when he was 8, and placed among the finalists in the All Japan Competition in 2004 as a 4th grader. He then accomplished his life-long dream of becoming a tour champion, in 2010. It's not just his speed that'll leave you captivated, but also the graceful tricks he pulls off while carrying a pizza delivery box.



We developed a series of special pizza delivery equipment
that keeps the pizzas fresh, hot, and intact through all delivery conditions.



Remote Delivery Phone Booth

Orders will be taken from these specialized phone booths that are powered by solar panels. Feel free to grab the binoculars at any time, and enjoy the graceful art of the XTREME DELIVERY.



Shock Resistant/Water Proof Pizza Box

We've designed a specialized pizza box to accommodate all delivery conditions. It keeps the pizza intact through all movements, and even withstands aquatic threats.



Thermo-regulating Wingsuit Unit

The world's one-and-only wingsuit that endures high-speed delivery flights. It keeps the pizza nice and warm, even at an altitude of 12,000 feet where the temperature is 70°F lower than at sea level. Delivery by air will be limited to medium-sized pizzas due to safety restrictions.



Pizza Box w/ Box Grip for Wakeboards

The Box Grip allows our staff to carry the pizza in one hand while wakeboarding. Even when doing flips through the air, our delivery staff will have a firm grip of the pizza. However, please note that grab tricks will not be available during the delivery.



Rear Carrier Compartment

The pizza box attaches itself to the rear carrier of a mountain bike. The suspension mitigates the vertical movements and will never unfasten. The pizza box also acts as a mudguard.

世界初Active Ride Control搭載で、どんな悪路でも最適なドライビングを実現するNo.1 SUV* X-TRAILをデリバリー車両に採用。店舗からエクストリームデリバリースタッフまで、自動車が走行可能な悪路をつなぎます。

We've chosen the No.1 SUV X-Trail as our delivery vehicle. Equipped with the world's first Active Ride Control, the X-Trail can power through any terrain. It serves as a link between the kitchen and our XTREME DELIVERY staff members.